Ramunto's Pizza

 Everthing is the same except the name!

Only the name has changed

 Fantastic pizzas served with a smile!

slice case

We feature a variety of Specialty Pizzas with your choice of two distinct crusts—New York hand-tossed or thick-crust Sicilian. Our slice case offers the widest variety of pies in Addison County.

New York Style Pizzas: 16" pies (8 slices)
Sicilian: 16" square thick crust (12 slices)

Try one of our Classsics with Meat, Grilled Chicken Pies, Vegetarian Selections, House Favorites, or Create Your Own Pie with choices from our extensive list of toppings.

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 August Pie Specials

New York $18.00 (plus tax)   Sicilian $19.50 (plus tax)

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